kvSmoothTransition - Making rollovers fade smoothly

So, let this be the first script I talk about, in this blog. This script is made out of the pure need of it. My company was doing lots of websites, where we simply wanted to smooth fade buttons on rollover/hover. Back then, there was some of the CSS transitions out there.. But they werent working like they should, also they didnt work with coded-gradients. Note Much love to the guys at Colorzilla for their awesome application for CSS3 gradients! Legwork So I setup a StackOverflow ... more


Hello there, my name is Kalle Väravas. I'm a programmer on web applications. I'm from Estonia. Been doing this for over 10 years. This here is my first and only blog. I created it so I could share my thoughts, and my coding tips. My only disclaimer would be, that I have self thought all of my knowledge, so there still are much smarter guys out there (feel free to comment my code, if you spot problems). Though, I still pack a pretty nice punch, when it comes down to it. ... more